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Listen to experts and thought leaders as they share their experiences, findings and conclusions on leadership, culture, politics, technology the future and many other topics. Find out more about the speaker you'd like to book for your event!

Oct 12, 2020

In this episode of #TheSpeakerShow, Sean Pillot de Chenecey interviews Alex Osterwalder - one of the world’s most influential strategy and innovation experts, a leading author, entrepreneur, and in-demand speaker whose work has changed the way established companies do business and how new ventures get started.

Jul 20, 2020

Sean Pillot de Chenecey chats with Ian Khan, CNN featured technology futurist and best-selling author.

Included in the chat:

  • How do we rise to a challenge like Covid-19?
  • Managing change
  • Lessons in resilience
  • The importance of storytelling
  • The new benchmarks since the pandemic
  • Books that inspire Ian: "Who moved my...

Jul 10, 2020

Sean Pillot de Chenecey chats with Alan O'Neill, change management expert, corporate culture and customer experience expert. 

Included in the chat:

  • Selfridges and how Alan made an impact working as a change management consultant
  • How customer experience is the new differentiator for businesses
  • What is going to affect...

Jul 8, 2020

Sean Pillot de Chenecey chats with Wade Younger, Founder of Fruition Consulting, The Value Wave and author of 30 books. 

Included in the chat: 

  • The Corona lockdown and what it means to us, and how history shows that there will be an economic recovery
  • Wade's books and those that are most relevant for us today
  • Wade's...

Mar 2, 2020

Sean Pillot de Chenecey chats with Professor Howard Yu, one of the world's top 40 business professors under 40 and award-winning author of 'LEAP: How to thrive in a world where everything can be copied' 

They discuss:

  • the way Howard works with companies to affect change
  • the legacy of Howard's friend and mentor, the...