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Listen to experts and thought leaders as they share their experiences, findings and conclusions on leadership, culture, politics, technology the future and many other topics. Find out more about the speaker you'd like to book for your event!

Jul 12, 2021

In this episode of #TheSpeakerShow, Maria Franzoni interviews Peter Fisk, founder of GeniusWorks, the brand and business innovation company, working with business leaders to see things differently, to imagine, develop and implement more inspired strategies for brands, innovation and marketing. 

Peter brings together the...

Nov 3, 2020

In this episode of #TheSpeakerShow, Sean Pillot de Chenecey interviews Julia Streets, who is a champion of fintech and female entrepreneurship, innovation, equality, diversity and inclusion.

Via her company Streets Consulting, she and her team advise a wide range of international firms in the field of fintech, AI,...

Feb 3, 2020

Sean Pillot de Chenecey interviews the economist Andrew Scott, author of ‘The 100 Year Life’ and a global authority on the implications of longer life and technology. Andrew, a Professor at London Business School, discusses longevity and the future trends shaping the world of business and society. 

The discussion...

Jan 18, 2020

In this fascinating podcast, Sean Pillot de Chenecey interviews Paolo Gallo, the award-winning author of 'The Compass & The Radar' who is also Former Chief Learning Officer of The World Bank, and Former Chief HR Officer of the World Economic Forum.

Paolo talks about his expert views on topics ranging from the future of...