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Sep 14, 2020

In this episode of #TheSpeakerShow, Sean Pillot de Chenecey interviews Alf Rehn: a recognised global thought leader on innovation and creativity, Thinkers50 speaker and bestselling author. He is also a highly influential professor at the University of Southern Denmark, who focuses on exploring and overcoming the challenges that global corporations face when it comes to innovation.
Having worked with a wide variety of businesses, from fresh-faced startups to well-established Fortune 500 corporations, his innovative thinking has been recognised in a number of circles all over the world and even earned him several awards. Alf is seen as a true innovator and an inspirational speaker.
In this dynamic episode, we discuss a range of his insights on issues including:


  • How we're often stuck "in the creativity we know" and what to do about it
  • We need to rebuild better...via better innovation and bolder leadership
  • Why businesses need to 'lean into joy' re: building a creative culture
  • The importance of empowering resilient, healthy organisations 
  • 'Taboo Futures'...why now is the time to challenge yourself...