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Jul 27, 2020

In this episode of #TheSpeakerShow, Sean Pillot de Chenecey interviews Paolo Gallo, a futurist and global expert in human capital, the future of work and dynamic leadership. 
He's also the award-winning author of the international best-seller 'The Compass & The Radar', and a renowned public speaker who has delivered over 100 keynotes in more than 40 countries at locations including 10 Downing Street, World Economic Forum, Ferrari, LVMH, Manpower,  United Nations, UBS, Picted, WHO, World Bank and many more.
Paolo Gallo has been the CHRO at the World Economic Forum and European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and Chief Learning Officer at the World Bank and collaborates with HBR, Forbes, Tribune de Geneve. 
In this episode, Paolo discusses his viewpoints on issues including: 
  • The 5C's and our 'New Context'
  • 'Hitting the Pause Button...and The Great Reset'
  • Developing and Improving Individual Performance
  • New Leadership in 2020+
  • Transforming Organisations for the 4th Industrial Revolution

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