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Oct 27, 2020

In this episode of #TheSpeakerShow, Sean Pillot de Chenecey interviews Peter Fisk. He's an inspiring business thinker & advisor, author & speaker, whose career was forged in a superconductivity lab, accelerated by supersonic travel, evolved in a digital start-up, and formalised as CEO of the world’s largest marketing network. His 8 books in 35 languages fuse the brains of Einstein and Picasso, explore the world’s most innovative companies, and include the new “Business Recoded”.

He now leads GeniusWorks, an innovation accelerator based in London, working with business leaders from Adidas to Aeroflot, Cartier and Coca Cola, McKinsey to Microsoft, P&G and Pfizer. He is Thinkers50 Global Director, and founder of the European Business Forum, and a professor of leadership, strategy and innovation at IE Business School in Madrid, where he leads their flagship executive programs. Peter helps leaders to drive smarter innovation and faster growth.
In this episode, we discuss a range of his viewpoints in issues including: 

  • Future Growth ... defining an inspiring purpose, vision and strategy to grow in fast-changing markets
  • Accelerated Innovation ... innovative strategies for creative disruption and new business models
  • Brand Building ... developing brands and portfolios to engage people and accelerate growth
  • Smart Marketing ... engaging customers deeply, digital platforms and brand-based communities
  • Effective Leadership ... inspiring and engaging people, driving and delivering performance.