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Sep 8, 2022

In this episode of #TheSpeakerShow, Maria Franzoni interviews Jim Lawless.

Record breaking freediver and voted #1 Motivational Speaker outside of the US in the 2021 Global Guru rankings, Jim Lawless has inspired over a million people on five continents through his presentations and playbook for change ‘Taming Tigers’.

As CEO of transformation architects Symmetry, my guest and his team have been instrumental in the adaptations of international organisations, fast-growth companies and Olympic Teams. 

Author of the international best seller ‘Taming Tigers’, he became a televised jockey (and lost 25% of his bodyweight) within 12 months of sitting on a horse. He also became the deepest free diver in British history within 8 months. 

Both of these ‘impossible’ adaptations were experiments to test and validate the playbook he shares. Both were done alongside his day job - as most transformations are.

Outside of his work as well as being a Dad, he is a helicopter pilot, kundalini yoga practitioner, free diver and classical pianist.

In this fascinating episode, we discuss:

  • Is Resilience Redundant?
  • Taming Tigers
  • Motivation
  • Impossible adaptations


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